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Turing a master Chinese herbalist into a Facebook Video Machine. 

Building an Online Brand.

Jean was looking for a method to grow his following online using social media. We ended up helping Jean leverage his knowledge and expertise of being a master Chinese Herbalist to give him more traffic and results.

Project Summary

Jean has been a Master Chinese Herbalist for over 40 years in St. Albert and started to become known in the area for his unique approach to supplements, health and longevity. It was this knowledge and expertise that customers valued and where we saw an opportunity to help jean reach more people on Facebook using video.

The Strategy

The project started with the question of: 

  • What will this social media page be for? 
  • Will this add value to Jean’s existing customers?
  • How will this help Jean get new customers? 

 It was after asking this type of fundamental questions – we started to form the basis of Jeans social media marketing strategy.

Through our analysis it was clear by the way that Jean spoke about supplements and health – that he knew what he was talking about and that it was one of the main reasons customers would choose his supplement store over other’s. So through this assumption we decided Jeans brand would perform best with a set of educational videos about supplements, health and lifestyle to be posted on his Facebook page on a regular basis.


Proven Results

When Jean started this project, although he wanted more customers his main concern was creating the right supplement information to put into the world so that he could reach and help as many people as possible in the local area.  Through Social Leaf Jean started a campaign that immediately boosted Jeans results. 


Increase in Avg. Post Engagement


Increase in Page Likes

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