About Social Leaf


We build brands.

Social Leaf builds brands using today’s most powerful tool – social media. With years of experience in Marketing, Social Leaf can help make your vision become reality.

Social Leaf builds brands that last using social media.

Social Leaf started with the idea that social media marketing could be better – that it didn’t have to be about a game of who has the most followers or likes but rather something used to connect customers together and have a platform to share your brand experience with them.

Social media – at least the effective kind – should be about connection and giving. This generous act is what separates you from all the other selfish businesses that are elbowing each other trying to become the next Kim Kardashian.

Social Leaf builds brands using social media that last. To make brands that last you have to be strategic, you have to be mindful and you have to understand that your brand starts with your customer.


Make your social media iconic.

Make your social media remarkable.

Make your social media exciting.

Make it yours.  

Meet The Team

Cole VErbeek

Founder & CEO

He started his marketing career at the age of 13 creating YouTube videos both in the entertainment space and in the software industry, having a channel that amassed over a million views. Cole specializes in strategies that help his clients start and grow successful social media pages. He has helped small businesses to large corporations grow through digital marketing and conversion optimization for over 3 years. He is an investor and author. 

dakota doolaege

Lead Web Developer

Dakota is a creative and hardworking individual that believes in providing value to others through the application of his strong technical skills in program design and web application development. By understanding the clients visions he helps them bring marketing ideas to life through the web. With over 4 years of experiences Dakota has worked with small and large companies to provide them with an online web pages and funnels that convert.

nick ditkun

Creative Director

Nick has been in the music industry his whole life performing on stages from Miami to Kelowna while at the same time, capturing his lifestyle on video. For years he has also been creating and designing stunning videos for clients that sell. Nick uses his expertise in music, video and performance to turn boring social media pages into exciting ones. Using his access to the latest equipment and design tools, Nick captures and creates a visual experience for our clients that are unmatched. 

Start Growing.

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