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Social Leaf gives you everything you need to create, grow and deliver social media that sells.  

No matter the size of your organization - Social Leaf creates a bulletproof social media strategy that gets your company measurable results. 

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Make Your Social Media Smart: What type of campaign are you really running?

Most people don't know what type of campaign they should run - and questions like this matter. Here are the two most common examples. 

Direct Marketing

Measured, tested and tracked from the ad to the sale. A direct marketing campaign focuses on the data in each step of the funnel and knows exactly the customers you are attracting and converting at what price - down to the cent. 

Brand Marketing

Research, assert and create brand moments that your customer engages with emotionally. Campaign objectives like brand awareness and brand recall can still be measured but are less tangible. This is the logo, the typography; the colors your brand uses. It is the intangible parts of your brand.

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Happy Customers

"It has been a pleasure working with Social Leaf. The company is easy to get along with, they see our company’s vision, initiates and put plans into action immediately. I have definitely seen some growth in our company since starting out social media campaign with Social Leaf.”

Taylor Wideman, Founder of Splash Juicery

“...To date my Facebook following has increased significantly and I am beginning to see results. I’ve been most impressed with Social Leaf’s knowledge and professionalism and combined with his accessibility makes it easy for me to recommend this company." 

Glen Evans, Agent at Go Travel

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